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What Makes Us Different

It’s 2024. Agencies and “marketing experts” are a dime a dozen online.

Find out what makes Hawkeye different from all the others.

Constant Communication

We believe in the power of open and ongoing communication. Our clients are never left in the dark about the status of their projects or the performance of their Amazon PPC campaigns.

A solid third of our clients have told us that along with our good results, the main reason they have stayed with us for so long is because of our ability and desire to communicate.

Regular updates, reports, and meetings are part of our standard operating procedure, making sure that you are as involved in our process as you wish to be.

A Small, Dedicated Team

Unlike larger agencies where clients might feel like just another account number, Hawkeye Digital operates with a small, dedicated team of Amazon PPC experts.

This approach allows us to provide a level of attention and customization that is rare in the industry.

Each client benefits from a tailored strategy designed to meet their unique needs and goals, implemented by professionals who are genuinely invested in their success.

Our team’s agility also means we can adapt and respond to changes in the Amazon landscape much more quickly than our larger counterparts.

Years of Amazon Experience

Our team doesn’t just understand Amazon PPC; we breathe it. With years of experience under our belts, we’ve navigated the complexities of Amazon’s advertising platform for a diverse range of clients and products.

This depth of experience not only allows us to craft effective strategies but also to anticipate changes, identify emerging trends, and leverage opportunities that less experienced agencies might miss.

Our expertise extends beyond mere theory into practical, proven tactics that drive results.

What We Do

Amazon Sponsored Ads – From the Very Start

Our experience spans hundreds of accounts in dozens of different niches.

We have worked with Fortune 500 companies, as well as small, family owned businesses and understand the challenges well.

By placing your products directly in front of shoppers actively searching for items like yours, Sponsored Product Ads offer a powerful way to boost your product’s ranking and increase sales

Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

Elevate your brand’s presence on Amazon with Sponsored Brand Ads, a dynamic advertising solution designed to showcase your brand and product portfolio directly to potential customers.

These ads appear in prominent positions on Amazon’s search results, offering a prime opportunity to tell your brand story, highlight your product range, and connect with shoppers at a crucial moment in their buying journey.

With customizable ad formats, including the ability to feature your logo, a custom headline, and multiple products as well as videos, Sponsored Brand Ads are a great asset for brand growth on Amazon.

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored Display Ads on Amazon are an advertising option that allows sellers to reach potential customers both on Amazon’s platform and across other websites and mobile apps.

These ads use automatic targeting to place your products in front of shoppers who have either viewed similar items or shown interest in categories related to your products.

Sponsored Display Ads can appear on product detail pages, under the “Add to Cart” button, and even on external sites visited by potential customers, aiming to reengage those who have previously interacted with your products.

This advertising tool is designed to help increase visibility and remind interested shoppers about your products, potentially leading to higher conversion rates.

Amazon Sponsored TV Ads

The newest addition to Amazon Advertising (late 2023), Amazon’s Sponsored TV Ads offer a unique advertising opportunity for brands to reach audiences through video content displayed on Amazon Fire TV and other supported devices.

These ads allow brands to engage with viewers in a more immersive format, showcasing their products or services through video ads that appear before or during streaming content.

Sponsored TV Ads are designed to capture the attention of a targeted audience by leveraging Amazon’s rich customer data, ensuring that the ads are shown to viewers who are most likely to be interested in the advertised products or services.

This form of advertising is particularly effective for brands looking to increase awareness and engagement through the power of visual storytelling in a connected TV environment.

What You Gain by Working With Us

More Sales

At the core of our strategy is a focused effort to significantly increase your sales.

By employing advanced targeting techniques, optimizing your bids, and experimenting with different campaign types, we drive high-quality traffic to your listings.

This not only boosts your visibility on Amazon but also enhances your conversion rates.

Our goal is to turn clicks into customers, ensuring that every dollar you invest in PPC campaigns translates into tangible sales growth.

A Better Return on Your Ad Spend

Maximizing your return on ad spend (ROAS) is paramount in our strategy. Our team leverages years of Amazon PPC expertise to fine-tune your campaigns for optimal performance.

We continuously analyze data, adjust strategies, and implement cost-effective bidding tactics to ensure your advertising budget delivers the highest possible return.

By minimizing wasted spend and focusing on high-converting keywords and placements, we make your advertising budget work harder and smarter, contributing to a healthier bottom line.

More Time to Focus on Other Areas of Your Life and Business

When you partner with Hawkeye Digital, you’re not just hiring an Amazon PPC agency; you’re gaining valuable time to dedicate to other critical aspects of your business.

With our team managing your Amazon advertising campaigns, you can redirect your focus towards product development, customer service, supply chain management, or expanding your market presence.

We take the burden of PPC management off your shoulders, providing you with the peace of mind that your Amazon advertising is in expert hands.

This allows you to concentrate on building and scaling your business, secure in the knowledge that your advertising strategy is driving sales and enhancing your brand’s visibility on Amazon.

Some Customer Reviews

Our Results Speak for Themselves

A lot of the sellers we work with will initially hire us to improve their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). We have years of results showing successful ROAS improvements as well as subsequent account growth!

Example 1:

Before Hawkeye, they were spending at a 2.76 ROAS (an ACoS of 36.32%)

In the first month with us, we improved ROAS to 3.57 (an ACoS of 28.01%) which accounted for an increase in sales of $4,071 and a decrease in spend of $328.

Example 2:

Before Hawkeye, their ACoS was 35.11% (which is a ROAS of 2.85).

In the first month, we dropped ACoS to 27.68% (ROAS of 3.61) accounting for a $60,114 increase in sales and a $3,561 decrease in spend.

Example 3:

In this campaign specific example, their ACoS was 35.16% before Hawkeye (which is a ROAS of 2.84).

In the first month, we decreased ACoS to 22.26% (a ROAS of 4.49) which accounted for a decrease in spend of $834 and a decrease in sales of $1,171.

Need Help With Your Amazon Ads?

Example 4:

Before Hawkeye: A ROAS of 6.3 (ACoS of 15.87%)

We successfully increased ROAS to 8.81 (which is an ACoS of 11.35%), and this accounted for a decrease in spend of $43 and an increase in sales of $7,918.

Example 5:

Before Hawkeye: An ACoS of 21.65% (which is a ROAS of 4.62).

After working with us, their ACoS dropped to 17.2% (a ROAS of 5.81), and this was reflected in a $37,818 increase in sales and a $737 decrease in spend.

Example 6:

A new seller on the verge of profitability, before Hawkeye they were at an ACoS of 35.64% (ROAS of 2.81).

After working with us, their ACoS decreased to 27.85% (a ROAS of 3.59) and their spend increased by $285 while their sales also increased by $2,184.

Example 7:

Before Hawkeye, this seller had a healthy ROAS of 5.28 (18.94% ACoS).

In the first month, we achieved marginal improvements of getting the ROAS to 6.06 (which is an ACoS of 16.5%), with a $343 decrease in spend and a $378 increase in sales.

In the second month, we dialed in our targeting and data and further increased ROAS to 7.41 (ACoS of 13.5%) which account for a $2,808 increase in sales from the first month with Hawkeye, and a $136 decrease in spend.

…and many more!

Struggling with a Low ROAS or Stagnating Sales?

We’ve built hundreds of campaigns that account for millions of dollars in sales for our clients:

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