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We pride ourselves on being different from a typical agency. We integrate seamlessly into your team, bringing our Amazon expertise and constant 2-way communication to ensure that your goals are not just met, but exceeded.

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What We’re Good At

Amazon PPC Management

Our core offering, we specialize in data analysis, campaign creation, testing and iteration as well as all the other nuances required to run profitable campaigns on Amazon.

Working with us on your advertising will get you: 

  • More Sales
  • A better return on your ad spend
  • More time to focus on other areas of your business

Amazon Listing Optimization

Before running ad campaigns, we ensure your ASINs are optimized with the correct keyword variations for maximum visibility and relevance. 

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About Hawkeye Digital

In the dynamic ecosystem of e-commerce, stagnation is not an option. Our mission is to be the catalyst that propels your online store to realms of success previously unimagined. 

We go beyond generic strategies to craft bespoke growth plans that resonate with your brand ethos and audience psyche.

About our Owner –

Vlad Gvozdic

With a heavy background in data analysis and Pay Per Click advertising, Vlad still works directly with clients on a daily basis, ensuring that each campaign is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs and goals of their business. 

This direct involvement allows for quick adjustments and proactive strategies, ensuring that campaigns are not only responsive to the dynamic Amazon marketplace but also aligned with each client’s evolving business objectives. With Vlad and the Hawkeye Digital team, clients receive a personalized, data-driven service designed to maximize their Amazon success.

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