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Web Design for eCommerce

In the bustling digital marketplace, your ecommerce store is your brand’s digital storefront.

At Hawkeye, we blend aesthetics with functionality to create captivating online shopping experiences that not only attract but retain and convert visitors into customers.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Products Ads on Amazon are the go-to for sellers to appear on the first page of search results. 

Not only do you get to increase your sales, build a customer base and get reviews, sales from Sponsored Product Ads also help you rank organically! 

One of the main metrics Amazon uses to rank products is historic sales, and sales from PPC count. Nonetheless, improperly set up Amazon Ads can be very costly. 

We work to understand your product line and properly set up targeting to ensure you get the most out of your ad spend.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon Display Ads

Amazon’s newest answer to the growing need for Advertising is Amazon Display Ads. If you are brand registered, you now have the option of placing your ads on websites in Amazon’s display network. 
When created properly, this is incredibly powerful in re-marketing to users who may have visited your listing, and then left the page.

Amazon Advertising

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brand (SB) Ads can put your brand front and center for relevant searches and help you be top of mind for a specific product. SB Ads are a powerful tool to both grow sales, and organically position your brand to be widely recognized as a leader in a specific niche.
As an Amazon PPC Agency, we have worked with brands of all sizes to widen their reach while still keeping ACoS within acceptable parameter

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A Struggling Supplement Brand (Amazon)

With Campaign 2, the before screenshot illustrates that the ACoS was 53.93% from Nov 17 to Dec 16, 2019, in the month preceding our taking over the campaign. After we began managing the campaign the ACoS of 31.01% is a dramatic improvement and as a result the overall margin increased.

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