Hawkeye Digital

Case Study – Farming Tools and Raw Materials (Amazon)


Client: Thunder Acres

Industry: Farming Tools and Farming Products

Duration: Ongoing

  1. Seasonality
  2. Advertising Efficiency
  3. High Competition
Approach and Solutions
  • Keyword Optimization: Hawkeye revamped the keyword strategy, focusing on long-tail keywords that potential buyers would use and also eliminating non-performing keywords.
  • Ad Placement Refinement: By analyzing where the ads were appearing and the performance metrics associated with each placement, Hawkeye could allocate the budget more efficiently.
  • Improved Ad Creatives: To make Thunder Acres’ ads stand out, new ad creatives were designed emphasizing product USPs (Unique Selling Points).
  • Bid Strategy Overhaul: Bids were adjusted to ensure that Thunder Acres’ ads appeared in relevant searches but without overpaying for clicks.

Month 1:

  • Ad Spend: $3,477.24
  • Sales: $14,836.29
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 4.27x

Month 2:

  • Ad Spend: $3,962.4
  • Sales: $21,996.51
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 5.55x

Outcome and Conclusions

  • A 47.96% increase in sales from Month 1 to Month 2.
  • Despite a 13.97% increase in ad spend, the ROI saw a significant jump, with the ROAS increasing from 4.27x to 5.55x, an increase of 29.97%
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