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We were born out of a growing need E-Commerce Companies have for an analytical, numbers based solution to Pay Per Click Advertising. We get to know your business first, and then use our data to make the best decisions for your campaigns.

Hawkeye Digital
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Felicle NugalFelicle Nugal
09:46 03 Oct 23
We use them for Shopify and Amazon. Our brand is 10 years old and we grew above forecast on all channels this fiscal year after working with them for 6 months
Cathy HobgoodCathy Hobgood
14:57 18 Sep 23
We worked with 3 other marketing companies in the past 5 years, and Hawkeye has gotten us the best results out of any of them
Dyna CuevasDyna Cuevas
12:12 04 Sep 23
Our ad campaigns have seen significant improvement in both ROAS and conversion rates in our first 3 months. Their team’s dedication to understanding our brand and audience is evident.
Keven K. MaldonadoKeven K. Maldonado
11:39 11 Jun 23
We tried 2 other PPC agencies and none of them performed up to our expectation, until Hawkeye. We sell on both Amazon and our website, but wanted to focus more budget on Google Ads and driving traffic to our website instead of Amazon. Hawkeye set up our campaigns and have been managing them for almost a year now.
Melanie GibbsMelanie Gibbs
17:38 08 Jun 23
Helped us set up our conversions, and got us to profitability in a few months!
Kazi Aklakul HaitherKazi Aklakul Haither
03:53 19 Jan 22
Sachin JaggaSachin Jagga
17:19 31 Oct 19
Eagle Eye Media helped us grow our business. They took the time to understand our goals and mission so we could acquire more customers. We have seen alot more traffic after they started managing our online campaigns

Amazon Advertising

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Products Ads on Amazon are the go-to for sellers to appear on the first page of search results. 

Not only do you get to increase your sales, build a customer base and get reviews, sales from Sponsored Product Ads also help you rank organically! 

One of the main metrics Amazon uses to rank products is historic sales, and sales from PPC count. Nonetheless, improperly set up Amazon Ads can be very costly. 

We work to understand your product line and properly set up targeting to ensure you get the most out of your ad spend.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon Display Ads

Amazon’s newest answer to the growing need for Advertising is Amazon Display Ads. If you are brand registered, you now have the option of placing your ads on websites in Amazon’s display network. 
When created properly, this is incredibly powerful in re-marketing to users who may have visited your listing, and then left the page.

Amazon Advertising

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brand (SB) Ads can put your brand front and center for relevant searches and help you be top of mind for a specific product. SB Ads are a powerful tool to both grow sales, and organically position your brand to be widely recognized as a leader in a specific niche.
As an Amazon PPC Agency, we have worked with brands of all sizes to widen their reach while still keeping ACoS within acceptable parameter
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